Funeral & Cremation Options

A Personal Experience

Regardless of the service you select, we can assist you in making that selection a personalized tribute to your loved one. We encourage you to bring photos, memorabilia, or other items that were cherished or special to your family. The fond memories and stories shared with family and friends that these items call to mind, often help to soften the grief faced at a time of loss.

Cremation Options

For those people considering cremation as an alternative to traditional burial, many do not realize that they still have the option of a more traditional service. For those so inclined, we offer special service packages that include embalming, visitation, and church or chapel service to be followed by cremation. For our patrons selecting these services, we carry a line of wood caskets designed for cremation. These caskets are less expensive than standard caskets and still offer the family the comfort of a visitation and/or viewing.

Funeral Services

Funeral Service With Viewing

Viewing can be a time of gathering for family and friends to pay their final respects to the deceased. Viewing prior to the day of service followed by the funeral service with the deceased present. At a preset time, concluding services or committal services to follow at the cemetery or mausoleum. This could be a procession with motorcycle escort or meet at the cemetery or mausoleum.

Graveside Service

Offers the ability to have a viewing one day prior to the service with a preset time at the cemetery or mausoleum. Graveside service may be private family only or open to all. After the service options for memorial service at funeral home chapel or church offers time for family and friends to gather, share stories and have reception without the concern of still having to go to the cemetery or mausoleum.

Funeral Service All Concluded At Funeral Chapel Or Church

This option offers viewing and casket present for funeral service without continuing to cemetery or mausoleum. Casket would be delivered to cemetery or mausoleum without presence of family or friends. Some families feel this offers more time to receive the emotional support so often helpful at this time.

Simple Graveside Service

Simple graveside service can include viewing prior. Private family only or with family and friends, this type of service offers a gathering without further services.

Immediate Burial

This type of service may be desirable when families live some distance and need more time to gather for a service- The deceased is placed in a casket and delivered to the cemetery or mausoleum without family present. Memorial Service or gathering can then be done later at a time when families are able to be together.

Cremation Options

Funeral Service Followed By Cremation

The funeral service can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. A funeral service can be an important part of grief. Denial is an actual part of the grief process and a funeral service can be an important first step in overcoming grief.

Memorial Service

A service is a way for friends and relatives to express their sorrow and show their concern for the survivors.

Simple Cremation

Includes local removal of remains, identification viewing, transportation to crematory, courier, cremation fee, temporary urn and minimum services of staff.