Kathryn Alford

Obituary of Kathryn L. Alford

Katherine Alford was not only my favorite aunt, she was one of my favorite people.

She was a warm, wonderful woman and an inspiration. It was a privilege to have lived with Kaye growing up and to have her in my life.

I will miss her keen intellect, inquisitive nature, eagerness to learn and to embrace life’s challenges and experiences.

Kaye had a boundless love of her family, friends, church, art, music, design, architecture, history, cuisine, gardening and so much more.

I admired Kaye’s fierce loyalty and her fearlessness in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, especially when crusading in the service of others and particularly in her fight to save her sister, Joan, whom Kaye selflessly rescued from dire circumstances and took loving care of for the latter years of Joan’s life.

Aunt Kaye made a positive difference in so many lives and was always guided by her unshakable faith in the Catholic church. She always endeavored to embody the finest Christian values in her approach to life and interactions with others.

Kaye was the spirit of every family holiday and always took great joy in entertaining and the company of her friends. Her humor and spontaneity made Kaye the “fun aunt” and that is how I treasure her in my heart.

Katherine Alford was a very bright light and I will miss her love and laughter most of all.

Mark Lloyd, nephew

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